Monday, April 21, 2008

What they are saying about Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXIX

"It was evident a lot of work had gone in throughout the 12 months and was a super success, well done to all of you! Several referees.players/coaches all commented that they were greatly impressed with the atmosphere, the football and the organization itself." -Nick Brown, Referee, England

"It was a great experience for the whole team and every single player enjoyed his stay in Dallas, very much. It will an unforgettalbe time for all participants." -Armin Craaz, Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany

"I knew it was a big tournament, but you do not really appreciate it until you see it up close. It was very well run and I commend you for dedication and professionalism." -Michael Hester, FIFA Referee, New Zealand

"What other tournament can you have a torrential down-pour and play 24-hours later. Your organization is A-one. The boys are already talking about next year." - Tom Croft, Ajax Gunners, Canada

"Of all the tournament we have participated in the past three years, Dallas Cup is truly the cream of the crop, just as we had heard. The staff should be congratulated for putting on such a fine tournament." -Soctt Erickson, parent of a Minnesota Team

"This is the finest youth soccer or sporting event I have ever attended by a huge margin. We plan to be back next year." -Jim Kimball, Houston Dynamo, Houston

"Thanks for creating a tremendous experience for the Tulsa Soccer Club U17 squad, their Dallas Cup match experience was the best. We became the first team in Oklahoma history to reach the finals of the Dallas Cup." -Doug Wren- Manager, Tulsa SC

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where are they now... 2006 FC Groningen Super Group (U19) Team

In 2006,FC Groningen (of The Netherlands), competed in Super Group (U19) division of Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXVII, since that time, eight (8) of the twenty (20) players from that team have appeared in official matches on FC Groningen's first team. Today, FC Groningen is one of the eight (8) top teams in the Dutch league, ranking #8 on the European UEFA. There are still four players playing on the U21 team, currently ranked 6th.
Where are they now?
Bart Apotheker: currently on the FC Groningen U21 team
Tom Hiariej: has played 19 matches with the FC Groningen first team
Dennis Krohne: currently on the FC Groningen U21 team
Shkodran Metaj: has played 23 matches with the FC Groningen first team
Serdar Ozturk: has played 1 match with the FC Groningen first team
Robert Pomstra: currently on the FC Groningen U21 team
Jasmin Ramic: currently on the FC Groningen U21 team
Sander Rozema: has played 2 matches with the FC Groningen first team
Koert Thalen: has played 1 match with the FC Groningen first team
Martijn van der Laan: has played 1 match with the FC Groningen first team
Jeroen Veldmate: has played 2 matches with the FC Groningen first team

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jair Marrufo is the man in the middle for Sunday’s final. He’s officiated MLS matches since 2002. In fact, Marrufo worked one of the league semifinals last year, Houston’s 2-0 win over Kansas City.

Marrufo was one of four officials to be hired in 2007 as part of U.S. Soccer’s innovative program to enhance referee performance in the United States. In effect, he became a full-time referee, dedicated to training and officiating.

Murrufo is a Texan, too, and speaks fluent English and Spanish. So he’ll have no trouble communicating with either team Sunday evening at Pizza Hut Park.

Multiple Hicks sightings

Tommy Hicks Jr. has been around the Dallas Cup a bit this week. But Tom Hicks Sr., co-owner of Liverpool with George Gillett, made his first appearance at the tournament. He was in the stadium to see the Reds play Tigres in Sunday's final.

Hicks was just back from a family trip and came directly to Pizza Hut Park.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Semifinals set

Tigres will face Monterrey in an all-Mexico battle in one of Friday's semifinals. They'll play at 6 p.m. at Pizza Hut Park's stadium. Thus, we'll definitely have a Mexican team in Sunday's final.

At 8 p.m., high-scoring Liverpool will face Benfica in the second semifinal at the stadium. Liverpool scored 21 goals (21!) in its three group-play matches.

Legacies of the Dallas Cup

The stories of the Dallas Cup legacies help make this tournament really special. For instance, no fewer than five former Dallas Sidekicks have sons playing in the tournament.

Kevin Smith, David Doyle, Nick Stavrou, Curtis Partain and Michael Powers all have sons playing in the 2008 tournament.

Plus, Kenny Cooper’s son Joe plays for the Texans team that’s currently in the under-19 bracket. Kenny Cooper Sr. was never directly affiliated with the Sidekicks, but he coached against them often in the old Major Indoor Soccer League. And he surely a Dallas soccer legacy, going back to his wonderful years keeping goal for the Dallas Tornado. Son Kenny Cooper Jr. has been at the matches this week, too, cheering his brother.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Liverpool's goal total: 12 ... and counting

Don't despair, Tigres fans. Liverpool's 5-1 win over the club from Monterrey wasn't as bad as it sounds. Truly, it was a bit of a strange match.

Tigres was quite competitive. Probably more so than the club from Bosnia, which fell to Liverpool 24 hours earlier by a 7-1 final.

Monday at Richland, Tigres probably had more chances than Tom Hicks' Reds. Simply put, Liverpool knows how to score. The Reds took their chances well. Tigres didn't. The result: a 5-1 score line that doesn't really tell the whole story.