Thursday, November 30, 2006

Referee Spotlight: Trevor Simpson

When did you first get involved with Dallas Cup?
I was introduced to Dallas Cup in September 1984, by Irish FIFA Referee Malcolm Moffatt when we were together attending a British FA Referee Instructor Course. I had just been promoted onto the English Football League as a referee after serving for two years as a Linesman (Assistant Referee). He had refereed in Dallas that year and arranged for an invitation to be issued to me. My first Dallas Cup as a referee was Easter 1985 and I have officiated consecutively in all subsequent tournaments. A treasured award is the Special Recognition Trophy that Dallas Cup presented to me in 2005 to commemorate my twenty years service to the tournament.

What keeps you coming back every year to Dallas Cup?
Over the past 21 years I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute spent in Dallas both on the fields as referee and experiencing the wonderful, friendly, Texas hospitality. I knew no one when I first arrived and now I can count hundreds of people as ‘my friends’ with special mention to my home stay families. The second year I stayed with English referee Mike Hickling at the home of Jan and Ralph Gifford before moving a few years later to stay with Mary Ann and Jim Trombla, where I still remain and have become a part of their family for well over a decade. The tournament is well organized by the staff and volunteers, working under Gordon Jago, embracing all the referees into the Dallas Cup family and catering to the every need to make the whole tournament memorable. Mike and I love the Country Music scene and in addition to stocking up on our CD collections we also visit live music venues to experience first hand the great tradition that Texas has for country music. Solid enjoyment!

What is your most memorable Dallas Cup moment?
I have several. There was one year in the 1990s when after the opening ceremony it rained continually for three full days and nights and no soccer took place. I remember the flood at Moss Park was almost 8 feet deep with just the top of the goalposts being visible. On the Thursday at the crack of dawn we all moved to Grand Prairie where we caught up with all the games with 30 minute, halves and came off the fields at 2:00 am the following day. Huge sponges, along with helicopter blades were used by the staff to get the fields ready to use and it really demonstrated the spirit of Dallas Cup.

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ronntenn said...

Trevor was a brilliant top football referee & now he's a brilliant author (mostly books about Elvis) plus he's such a friendly guy.
I'm so proud to know him
Ron Tennant