Sunday, March 16, 2008

Famous name in the house

Dennis Wise, former Chelsea captain, was inspecting the Dallas Cup action Sunday. Wise is now director of football operations for Newcastle. In his position, he essentially oversees the club's youth operations and the academy, and he also oversees player acquisition.

Wise said he wants to watch the games and look at the operation and perhaps see if he can get a Newcastle team here next year.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i can't find any summary or result on the homa page. Please, let us know the results, and the name of the scorers at least. Thx, Z.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Dallas cup website is really really bad. Any chance of actually putting some information on it?

Fumas said...

Results from the weekend please.

TexasGreg said...

I have a soccer web site for my teams use in the NTPSA and at soccer spectrum. here I record who played, who scored, cards etc I can include a game summary too. if DC2009 want this they can have it for free/nominal cost (depending on how much work needs doing). I've met Gordon J a couple of times and know how hard he works so I'll like to support the Dallas Cup.

Greg S
469 688 4804