Saturday, March 15, 2008

Super Group matches going back to Richland College

With the majority of our Super Group matches going back to Richland College, fans will get to see one significant upgrade in the soccer complex there. The fields remain in immaculate condition, just as they were through the early part of the decade, when so many of the matches were staged at the Richardson college.

Now the school has constructed a nifty little 700-seat stadium. It’s enclosed and has a small press box atop the grandstand on one side. It’s mostly the doings of Sean Worley, a good guy who has long overseen Richland’s soccer program. He’s always doing a little something to make the program or the complex better over there.

Everyone may remember how fans lined the field three- and four-people deep to watch Freddy Adu play at Richland a few years back. For the next big star to play out there (Who will it be?), at least 700 fans will be able to take a seat while they watch!

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